Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Holly Recchia obtained her PhD in Psychology at Concordia University. After completing a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Utah, she is now an Associate Professor in the Department of Education (Early Childhood and Elementary Education/Child Studies). Holly loves dancing with her kids, curling up with a good book, and long dinners with friends.



Doctoral Students

Malene Bodington (co-supervised by Harriet Petrakos)

Malene completed a Master of Social Science from Lund University in Sweden in 2003 and, after arriving in Canada, completed an M.A. in Sociology from Concordia in 2010. In her Master’s thesis, under the supervision of Dr. Jean-Philippe Warren and Dr. Sylvia Kairouz, she explored in-group and out-group dynamics, intolerance, and social exclusion in the context of immigration and diversity in Denmark and Canada. Since completing her degree in 2010, she has worked on research projects surrounding access to education at Concordia’s Student Parents Centre and the UNESCO Institute for Statistics. Malene is a strong proponent of mixed methods research and fascinated by questions surrounding methodological choices in the social sciences. Her research interests include peer relations and peer conflict; inclusion and exclusion; diversity; bullying and anti-bullying programs; resilience; and coping strategies. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, cooking a good meal and sharing it. Her downtime usually involves a good book, crocheting, logic puzzles, or strategy games. She also enjoys getting outside for a long walk, bicycle ride, or run.


Christine Kinsley

Christine graduated from California State University, Stanislaus in 2017 with her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Developmental Concentration. She completed her MA at Concordia University with Dr. Holly Recchia and is now pursuing her PhD in Education. Her research focuses on sibling relationships and how their relationship quality is displayed in their daily interactions. Christine greatly enjoys spending time with her family (she is very close to her siblings!), baking (and sharing the end results), and playing with her black lab mix Ruby.


Master’s Students

Laura Pareja Conto
Laura completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Concordia University. She wrote her honours thesis under the supervision of Dr. Recchia. Her work focused on exploring how Colombian adolescents reason about solving intergroup conflicts with rival groups in their schools, and how their overall levels of trust in others and in school authorities was associated with their reasoning. She is currently completing her Master’s in Child Studies, and is interested in studying restorative approaches in school settings. Laura enjoys reading, hiking, Brazilian music, and losing track of time with her loved ones.



Kerem Araboglu

Kerem had completed his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at McGill University in Psychology, along with minors in Behavioural Science and Management. His research interests involve conflict resolution within families and between peers, interpersonal relationships in family settings, and children’s moral agency. Kerem is currently providing support to children, adolescents and adults in distress. He is also very passionate about coaching soccer teams. Other times, he can be found spending time with friends, cooking, swimming, running, watching sports, or travelling.


Jaclyn Ohayon

Jaclyn obtained her undergraduate degree in Psychology with a double minor in Linguistics and Behavioural Science from McGill University in 2021. She is interested in children’s moral development. Specifically, she would like to study how parent morality relates to their children’s moral development. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family.



Ricardo Andrés Salas Dorado

Ricardo holds a Bachelor in Economics, a Bachelor in History and an M.A. in Education from Universidad de los Andes  (Bogotá, Colombia), with graduate diplomas in pedagogical leadership and personalized education. He is currently pursuing his Master in Child Studies at Concordia. His interests are moral development, safe environments, bullying and violence prevention, and philosophy of education. In his spare time Ricardo, loves to spend time with his wife and his son. He is also a rugby, football and strategic game enthusiast who enjoys and loves music, a good book, a cup of black coffee or an espresso, people’s stories, and a nice conversation.


Tiffany Konov

Tiffany-Rose Konov completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Concordia University. She is currently completing her Master’s in Child Studies and is interested in children’s socio-emotional development. In her spare time, Tiffany enjoys cooking, reading,  yoga, and spending time with friends and family.



Lab Coordinator

Jasmine Manan

Jasmine is completing her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Concordia University. In addition to being a research assistant and the lab coordinator for the RAD lab, she is working on a project examining parents’ prosocial socialization goals and intervention strategies. Her research interests center on conflict resolution and parent-child relationships across development. In her spare time, Jasmine enjoys baking, dancing, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family.


Research Assistants

  • Laura Amodeo
  • Jasmine Manan
  • Amanda Bonin
  • Vilma Escorcia
  • Ecem Unsal
  • Emilie Chodat


Lab Alumni


Former Doctoral Students

  • Alyssa Scirocco
  • Nasim Tavassoli


Former Master’s Students

  • Mawuena Badasu
  • Cristina Casola
  • Olivia Faulconbridge
  • Teresa Pirro
  • Amandeep Rajput
  • Miranda Reid
  • Angelica Restrepo
  • Anna Saint-Martin
  • Alexandra Singer
  • Nazila Tolooei
  • Ma-ab Witwit
  • Daysi Zentner


Former Undergraduate Thesis Students

  • Ariana Borjian
  • Julie Guindon
  • Chiara Lier
  • Jade Paré
  • Caroline Pawelczyk
  • Julia Renauld
  • Claudia Royea
  • Sandra Silva
  • Gabrielle Leclerc


Former Research Coordinators

  • Ariana Borjian
  • Mel Commisso
  • Julie Guindon
  • Stephanie Peccia
  • Gabrielle Leclerc


Former Research Interns

  • Kristen Ferlisi
  • Nina Geringhoff
  • Eliza Latein
  • Shannon Maingot
  • Amanda Marlandis
  • Vanesa Sarmiento


The RAD Lab would also like to recognize and thank our many Former Research Assistants who lent a helping hand over the years.


Lab Holiday party, December 2018


Congratulations to our graduates!


Hanging out with some friends from the Bukowski and Santo Labs at SRA, 2016

A sunny day at JPS, Chicago, 2016


Holiday party, 2015

labSurprise Baby Shower for Dr. Recchia, 2013


Amandeep presenting her poster at JPS, 2013 (Chicago, IL)


Farewell Dinner for Nina, 2011


Selfies at Development, 2014 (Ottawa, ON)


Sarah, Matteo, and Dr. Recchia at JPS, 2012 (Toronto, ON)

Ladies who Lunch (in between conference presentations)